Thursday, December 27, 2012

Of all the Things

We aren't big TV watchers, but in these winter months when it is dark by six, the screen does come on quite frequently. We aren't big fans of most network shows. We don't have cable or satellite, but we do have Netflix. I love being able to pick our shows and movies, and to watch without commercials.

Tim and I love that some of the shows we loved growing up can be watched again. The kids however, are not thrilled with most of our nostalgic picks. They thought MacGyver was the cheesiest thing they ever saw. Lydia was angry that the Little House series did not follow the books. Wonder Years they just didn't get. They showed a brief interest in the Cosby Show, but that was fleeting. What they do like is unbelievable to me.

A few months back Kellen came across this video somewhere on the internet:

Do you recognize that super hero in spandex and pink? Yes, He Man. The kids did not know, but Tim had to show them. And guess what He Man is on Netflix. Personally, I did not watch this as a kid, but Tim did. He told the kids all about how he used to watch as he waited for the bus. He was always frustrated because the bus came before the show ended. He never got to see how the story was resolved. He wasn't missing much.

Our kids think this is a great show, and they have even found He Man's sister, She Ra. Really? Really?! We are watching He Man and She Ra instead of Laura Ingalls? Of all the things.....


  1. lol well it could be worse

  2. I had hopes of sharing my youth with my kids when they were teenagers by introducing them to Rohan & Martin's Laugh-In. I thought it was still hilarious, but didn't understand why they didn't get it until I realized it revolved around then-contemporary news, ancient history to them.

  3. My kids love all the 70/80's shows that Jay has introduced to them. Battlestar Gallactica, Night Rider, CHiPS, even MacGuyver among others. I remember HeMan from my little brother.

    1. Your kids have better taste in TV than mine. :) Though K does like Battlestar Gallactica.