Monday, April 09, 2012

I'm Getting Sappy

I saw this picture today, and got a little choked up. Oh my goodness look how adorable and little those kids were! But that isn't what got me choked up. That picture was taken December of 2006. You know, less than six years ago! It seems like yesterday. Six years from now the oldest will likely be off in college somewhere far from home. The youngest will be teetering on the edge of the teenage years. How can life change so fast? Pass the Kleenex. I'm tearing up again.


  1. This picture also appears to be post-hair cut?? Is it? b/c that means I've been reading your blog for 6 years! :) Did you see the kids and farming picture I tagged you in on pinterest? Reminded me of you guys! :)

  2. Yes, Becca, It has been that long. :)

    I saw that picture. Too funny.