Thursday, April 19, 2012

Creativity and Inpiration

Once upon a time we lived in a city with smooth concrete places to ride bikes on. We had easy access to flat, well maintained bike paths that once served as tow paths for the Erie Canal. In that other life, bike riding was a frequent extended family event. We'd go out with my parents, my brother's family, and a slew of preteen and teen foster kids. We were all working as house parents at the time.  We were a mixed bag of ethnic groups and ages ranging from toddlers to grandparents. We attracted a little attention when we went out.

Now, we have lots of space, but the paths and roads are far from well maintained, flat or smooth. Learning to ride here has been a challenge for the kids. The adults in the family prefer to get exercise via farm chores, and the oldest child here does not get too excited about riding, as a result the adult bikes are rarely used. They show the neglect.

The middle children love to ride. They take the 3/4 mile trek to the barn as frequently as they can. The youngest child has yet to conquer balance, the gravel and hills. She is often left in tears in the dust of the middle children. Sometimes they do slow down enough so she can run along side of them, but they soon tire of that. I can't blame them.

We still have the trailer and the tandem from that other life, and Vivian would beg Lydia to take her out on those. Lydia's bike however, can not tow the trailer or the tandem. The adult bikes that can were out of commission, and the trailer and tandem need some work themselves. Lydia came up with a creative idea. She just needed the wagon and some bailing twine.

Then yesterday we attended an event where Stacy from A Simple Six brought her cargo bike. Wow what a set up! Be sure to click on the link to her blog for some pictures. She can carry four kids on that bike!

Then this morning all (and I do mean all) the kids wanted to ride bikes. Kellen went out and fixed one of the smaller bikes so Vivian can learn to ride. Then he went to work on one of the adult bikes because he wanted to ride. He and Nolan have been riding all morning, and the three older kids just left for a ride to the barn. Now if we could just get Vivian riding, or talk Kellen into hooking the tandem up to his bike.

I love to see what a little creativity, a little inspiration, and some beautiful spring weather can accomplish.

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  1. I well remember the difficulty of riding bikes on a dirt road. During summer, the road was mostly sand (on the top--red clay at bottom!) and that stuff is hard to ride in! I think my brothers did a lot more riding than I did but once we moved to town I rode my bike all over the place! :)