Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yogurt Success

photo from Yellow Suitcase Studio.
My kids love yogurt. No, they really love yogurt. They will eat yogurt at every meal, and between every meal. Vivian and Nolan can kill a large container of it in one sitting. I hate to limit their intake of a good thing, but it must be done. Yogurt isn't cheap, and I also am not thrilled with the added sweeteners and thickeners in  commercial yogurt. In this house it is a treat, purchased only when on sale, and I have some good coupons.

I've tried several different time to make my own yogurt. The results were disappointing. Then I saw instructions for making Yogurt in a Crockpot at Yellow Suitcase Studio.  It was a simple procedure using only milk and yogurt. I figured I'd give yogurt making another try.

It turned out so well! The instructions said to strain it, but I found it thick enough to use without straining. I enjoyed the plain yogurt sweetened with a spoonful of local honey, but I wondered how the kids would react to eating plain yogurt. My worry was unfounded.

I made this yogurt Monday. It chilled in the fridge overnight, and less 36 hours later that crock pot of yogurt is gone. Nolan and Vivian were begging me to make more. Too bad I'm out of milk. Too bad we don't have a dairy animal right now...


  1. I think you should tell me how to make it as well as not only do they eat a ton of it , its not cheap to buy.


  2. Yummy! Love raw milk yogurt with a little local honey and a bit of vanilla.

  3. Happy to hear it turned out so well! Thanks for sharing :)

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