Monday, August 08, 2011

Simply Delicious

Grilled Center Cut Ham Slice
Occasionally, someone will ask my favorite way to cook a certain cut of meat. Most of the time I don't think they are expecting the answer I give. If it is a large piece of meat, my answer is something like this, "I throw it in crock pot. Sprinkle it with a few spices, and let it cook all day on low." For the smaller cuts of meat the answer is simply a variation, "I sprinkle it with some spices, and toss it on the grill. Flip it every so often until it is done."

How do you like those recipes? Truth be told, I really do enjoy cooking. I love to try new recipes, or more often use a recipe as a guide to create something new and delicious for the family. Following recipes, or creating new ones requires a rather scares resource. That resource would be time.

If you ask me my favorite way to prepare something, it will be a way that is quick, easy, and produces a delicious result. That my friends is likely to involve a crock pot or a grill. When you have a good piece of meat, you don't need to spend a lot of time, or add a lot of extra ingredients to achieve a wonderful result.

But if you were looking for a more specific recipe than "Slap it on the grill with some salt and pepper," here are a few recipes I like. Hope you find something useful.

Curried Chops and Leg Of Lamb
Gryo Burgers

Cooking a Skinned Bird
Summer Garden Chicken

Meatloaf (simple)
Meatloaf (variations)
Homemade Sloppy Joes

Blackened Chops


  1. I do something similar, but it usually involves cutting it up, throwing it in a pot with some veggies, lentils, and stock, and calling it supper...soup is my super-simple answer to pretty much any mealtime dilemma!

  2. Yep, I do that to. Soups and casseroles with whatever is handy, especially in the winter.