Friday, March 18, 2011

I Can Only Blame Myself

 I like to cook, and I like to bake. I enjoy the process almost as much as I enjoy the finished product. I've been cooking for a long time, and I learned to cook mostly from scratch. There was a period in our marriage where money was very tight. During this time, I learned to cook just about everything from scratch. It was a habit that stuck with me.

Just about all of our meat, and many of the vegetables we eat are raised here. Almost everything is made from scratch. I don't make my own bread, pasta, or cheese. I'm sure if you went through my cupboards you might find a few things that technically I could make myself, but in general meals are created from scratch here, not from a box. Our meals are more economical, healthy, and tasty I think. Apparently, the family agrees on the tasty part.

Even so, we all enjoy convenience every now and then. When I can match up the right sale with the right coupons, I do not hesitate to buy a few meals in a box to use in a pinch. I mean kids love that stuff right? Not these kids.

The last week or so I've needed some convenience at meal time. One day for lunch I pulled out some frozen pizzas. I told the kids we were having pizza for lunch, and they were very excited, until they walked into the kitchen. When they saw the pizzas, their faces dropped, and they said, "Oh, that kind of pizza."  They ate them, but about half way through the meal Lydia looks at me and says, "Mom, I really wish you would have made homemade pizza."

A few days later I made pancakes for lunch from a high end organic mix a friend had given me when her family went gluten free. The first question I got as the kids came in the kitchen was, "You made them from a mix?!" Again, they ate them, but made it very clear they prefer pancakes from scratch.

And on this very same day, about the same time, Tim tells the world that microwave meals I bought were "utter crap." Then he asks me to make larger meals so he has leftovers to take to work.

Perhaps I should take it as a compliment that the family prefers my cooking to convenience food, and I do. But I think I've created my own monsters.


  1. Iwish I could tell if you're being sarcastic or not. What you do/cook is wonderful, though I think the "gluten free" cause sweeping the country is unecessary unless someone has a gluten problem.

    For those frozen pizzas, I add more toppings, my homemade pasta sauce and other topping. That helps a lot.

  2. No sarcasm here. She's serious.

  3. I know--great food at home makes it difficult/impossible to enjoy convenience. I used to enjoy the occasional McD French fry indulgence and now I know it's not worth it as I'd long for oven roasted potatoes tossed with olive oil and salt.

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  5. Those cakes look wonderful, I just made a how to maple syrup video and posted it on-line, so that means we can barter. Syrup for pancakes. LOL

    Currently, in production right now, is my documentary on the oldest running Buckwheat mill in western PA still in operation. I had a great time walking around looking at all gears, shafts and belts moving all around me yesterday.

    Tim is on to something there as well, and yes you did kinda create your own little monsters.. LOL

    Although the work needed to make bigger meals, not only can Tim take SOME to work, but you can freeze some too, giving yourself a break from the kitchen.

    Hope you will stop over and visit with me, I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks Jason

  6. In my mind, these are the best kind of "monsters." These will be children who grow up and call you to see how to make this or that. I try to make as much from scratch as I can too and my kids appreciate it as well and they like to cook and to be in the kitchen with my husband and me.You are doing your part to help some of the many food problems we have in our country. Harder sometimes but so worth it!

  7. I was raised on a farm and a Mother who did everything from scratch. We owned a Kitchenaid and she made her own bread (i hate storebought...tastes funny) noodles, pizza name it. she even tried making donuts a few times! I just started my husband on our new regiment of eating mostly at home and he is LOVING IT. It is such a good feeling when people really need what you do....however there are those times that you wanna throw down your mit and say "make it yourself".