Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Quiet Week on the Farm

It has been a quiet week on the farm. Nothing too exciting to talk about, and a lot of times that is a good thing. It has been a rainy dreary week that makes me just want to sit on the couch with a book all day. Not that I've actually done that, but I sure have wanted too.

Tuesday Tim took the kids to Homeschool Day at the Capital. It is a day for homeschoolers in our state to come together, present a little about homeschooling, and learn about our state government. While there my family toured the Supreme Court, and performed with our homeschool band. Tim is the band director. They had a great time. I stayed home with the youngest two because Vivian was sick. Thankfully, her illness was just a twenty-four hour thing.

We've started some more seeds, and we even had a tiny window of opportunity to till the garden. An opportunity that we missed. It happens the same way every year. Many of the cold weather vegetables can be planted very soon. In fact, I know people who already have some things in. Our soil is heavy, and stays wet a long time. I start watching for the garden to be tillable mid-February. It could have been tilled last Sunday while I was at work and Tim was at church. In fact, Tim planned to till it when he got home. It started raining while he was at church. It was down pouring by the time he got home. It has rained daily since, and I see more rain in the ten day forecast. Not looking good for my early crops. I miss them every year, and by the time we dry out enough to till it is late for things like peas.

We cut the youngest litter of pigs this week, downsized the sheep population by one, and took a load of metal to the recyclers. Metal prices are up, and we have a lot of scrap metal around here. We are hoping to get as much in while the prices are high as we can.

There really is no typical week around the farm. There are always lots of different things going on depending on the season. There are exciting times. There are frustrating times. There are sad times. Every now and then there are quiet times. They don't happen often, but it is kind of nice when they do.

The picture really doesn't have anything to do with this post, but isn't a post always better with a picture? It was taken last Saturday (the last sunny day we've had) by Dusty Hurley of Love Happiness Photography while she was visiting the farm. This impromptu family portrait is only of part of the family as Tim was at work and Vivian was shopping with Mamaw. 

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  1. I think you were the first blog I followed when I started blogging ten months ago... I laugh and really enjoy your posts! I'm also very jealous of your living in nature amongst animals... I'm currently working towards living a life like yours here in Greece...

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