Sunday, February 27, 2011

Game Over - A creative writing assignment by Kellen

"Game Over", the TV screen blared. I had just died AGAIN; but just in time for I was playing my 15 year old Nintendo 64 before my family and I went to a friend's house. "What ever." I thought, because our friends have a Wii! I look forward to this every week, a night of fun, talking, and video games! As we leave our house, I think, "This is going to be EPIC!" My prediction comes true that night, for after about 5 hours of hanging out we start home. As we drive, I think, "I need a Wii."

The next day after school, I call a meeting of children, and propose, "We're going to get a Wii!" "Yeah!" W00T!", and "Boo-yah!" where some of the responses I got. We pooled our money together, and ended up having about $30. As the Wii cost about $265, we had a ways to go. So, we sold stuff, and sold stuff and sold stuff, and ended at about $100, still a ways to go. We scoured the house for change, drew one of those thermometer chart thingy-ma-bobs to watch our progress grow. We sold more stuff, earned money and had about $150; still a ways to go.

We dreamed. We picked out which games we were going to get. We kept moving up the chart. Then, nothing; absolutely nothing. We couldn't find work, got all the change in the house, sold all our stuff that we were willing to part with. We thought we would never get the $115 that we needed. Therefore we waited, and waited for nothing, or something, or anything! Then we got $70 dollars in change our grandparents had put in a piggy bank since we were little. Then we were celebrating! Just $45 dollars to our goal! Then we went through another week of nothing. As I watched TV one Friday, it hit me! We still had over $60 dollars in Wal-Mart gift cards!

On Saturday we called the bank, as most of our money was coins, we needed cash. They said, "Yeah, just bring them down, we can cash them." We drive down, but they lied! They wouldn't take our coins. Therefore we went to Coinstar, the coin to cash machine! Armed with bills, and gift cards we went to Wal-Mart. As the cashier checked us out, I was literally  bouncing with excitement!  As I held it on the way home, I was visualizing the games. When we got home, and Dad set it up I turned it on and played, and played, and played, and played for 7 hours to be exact. I played and loved my Wii and still do as I play it to this day.

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