Monday, December 06, 2010

Do you know your chicken breeds?

Our little chicks are all nicely feathered in now. I love seeing all the variety of pullets. we bought these birds in a mixed grouping. They send you a variety of breeds, but don't let you know exactly which breeds they are sending. Some breeds I can easily identify. Some I have a pretty good guess about, but there are a few breeds I have no clue about. How about you? Can you identify the breeds in the picture?


  1. I love games like this. We had a variety pack delivered last spring so we had to identify them as well. These are all guesses, I could be very wrong.

    1st picture: Buff Orpingtons, black ones look like Barred Plymouth Rocks.

    2nd Picture: Could be a Large Black

    3rd & 4th picture: I hope you get a White Braham.

    5th picture: Could be a Speckled Sussex or a Aracana.

    Can't wait to see how they turn out! It is always exciting to see what you get in your variety box!

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  3. It's always exciting to get a surprise when you get a "mixed bag" of chicks!
    I'm going to take some good guess....

    1st pic... Definitly Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks. I think I can see some Golden Comets/Red Stars/Red Sex Link.

    2nd pic... Black Star/Black Sex Link. See the redish breast feathers?

    3rd pic... At first glance I would say Light Brahma, but she doesn't have any feathers on her feet/legs, so I'm going with Delaware.

    4th pic... Not sure, could be same as 3rd pic.

    5th pic... Looks just like my Welsummers did. But could also be a Speckled Sussex. I've had both the breeds and the both looked pretty much alike at that stage!

    Hope that helps!

    Sara, who has many chickens and other creatures and has been enjoying those baby goat pics cause I don't have goats!

  4. def. saw the barred rocks and orpingtons. So excited to have Orpingtons again!

    I thought Brahmas too but was thrown by the lack of leg feathers.

    I am assuming something in there is Aracana b/c one set of birds was a "rainbow" mix. and there are two types that look very similar but not quite the same.

    thanks for your input!

  5. yep, barred plymouth rock for me also... maybe rhode island red? the rest have me stumped. i don't know my chicken breeds so well!