Friday, December 03, 2010

The Cutest Baby Animal Ever!

You may realize that I'm kind of partial goat kids. They are simply adorable, and playful, and fun. Oh I just love 'em!

And it is highly likely that I've already posted a picture on this blog with a baby animal saying that it was the cutest ever. Even so, here I am again to submit, the cutest baby animal ever.

I'm not sure what I like best about her. Maybe it is her sweet little face. Maybe it is her unusual coloring. Maybe it is the way she prances around the goat pen like she is a princess. Maybe it is the way she takes on the older and larger bucklings as if she has the upper hand. Or maybe it is how when she is done with the play and the show she hides under the goat shed where no one can get to her.

Lydia has taken to calling her marble because of her unusual markings. She really shouldn't have any name because we will not be keeping her, but it sure is tempting. After all she is the cutest baby animal ever!


  1. wow, i think you're right! i would be tempted to put her up on the couch with the dogs! ha ha. i bet that's constant entertainment for you guys. yep, probably the cutest animal ever!

  2. I so agree with you...goat babies are the cutest!! I like this one, she has pretty markings. We had a black and white one this year with pretty markings and are planning on keeping her...wish you could keep yours. :)