Friday, April 16, 2010

We're On the Small Screen

A few weeks ago we had a lovely visit with Tammy, The Unusually Unusual Farmchick and the Captain. They got the dime tour of the farm, and helped with sheep shearing. Tammy is creating a Homesteader Video series featuring the methods (and madness?) of homesteaders. Check out the video that she made while visiting the 100 Acre Wood: Homesteader Spotlight Video 1.  And I know that Tammy is looking for more homesteads to feature. If your homestead is within driving distance of NE Ohio, and you'd like her to come visit, send her and email.


  1. Came here via the homestead video!
    Got one question for you.
    Wondering why you are processing the Cornish Cross at 4 weeks, rather then the usual 8 weeks?

    We raise them too, but they are pastured and fed no soy or corn :o)

  2. We aren't. The four weeks mentioned in the previous post was info I found on the full bred (not the Cornish X Cross) Cornish birds. Those are the "Cornish Game Hens" that are available in the store.

    We were originally aiming for 6 weeks, but are now looking at the 7 to 8 week range. This is our first time with them. I've read of people processing any where between 6 and 10 weeks. I wish we could pasture them, but we've had trouble with predators. They are in a large run. We are still figuring it out. :)

  3. Ahh, gotcha. I was scratching my head for a bit there, LOL!
    Chicken tractors are the best with meat birds!
    Meanwhile, just giving them lots of chopped grass and weeds everyday, will give you similiar results.
    The taste between pastured and non, is incredible.

    Best to you, and wanted to say, I really like how you have your brooder area set up in the coop.
    We will be building an all new coop in a coupl of years, and I will be keeping that in mind.

  4. Not sure I could tractor 100 birds. :0! We are raising them for other families too. They do get scraps and weeds, and of course any bugs they get find.

    That brooder is actually an old work bench that my husband salvaged from a business that was shutting down a store. They were just going to throw it (and a bunch of other stuff) out, We just added the chicken wire around the base. It worked out wonderfully this spring.

  5. Stephanie it was OUR pleasure to visit and Thank you for the honor of allowing me to have your place as our first Homestead spotlight. I have been getting inquiries about your coop set up and may have to do a coop special episode for the winter. LOL. Just means you'll have to put up with my brood for a whole day later in the summer. :) Frog fell in love (via during my video editing)with the calf and demanded I take her to it.
    Your set up is so impressive and inspiring. Even others want to see more. :)

  6. The credit for the co-op goes to my dad. He designed it, and the hog house to be especially user friendly. You're welcome to come anytime. We like to share ideas :)