Thursday, April 08, 2010

Spring is Here!

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Spring! Spring! How I love thee! The weather here has been just perfect. Good and warm through the day and nice and cool in the evening. This really is my favorite weather. Why oh why can't it be like this all year?

The red buds are in full bloom. The Dogwoods are just beginning to open up, and our brown forest is turning green by the day. The early vegetables are in the garden, and LOOK there are blooms on my strawberry plants! The blooms are on the ever bearing plants. The June berries are not blooming yet though. And my asparagus has me a little worried because nothing is coming up yet, but I'm trying to be patient and hoping for the best.

The garden seems to bring new challenges every year, and because organic gardening is somewhat new to me, I'm constantly looking for helpful tips and information. My Organic Gardening Blog has lots of helpful information. It is written for the experienced and the novice gardener. There are posts about vegetable gardening, houseplants, pests, and flowers. Of course, I'll be mostly looking at the vegetable garden posts.

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I just love spring, and am so thrilled that is here. I love working in the garden, and simply enjoy the process of planting and watching things grow. Of course, I also enjoy the payoff that all the hard work brings. I can't wait to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of our labors! Has spring sprung in your area? Do you have big garden plans for this year?

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