Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And Winter Drags On

More snow. More cancellations. More hours stuck at home, in the house making me feel like the tree above, lifeless.

That picture was taken this morning, almost all of that snow accumulated over night. The tree? That is our Christmas tree, after the goats have eaten all the needles off of it. Why is now in the middle of a snow pile in the front yard? I have no explanation. I guess another member of the family will have to explain that to you.

Though I am thoroughly and completely sick of winter, and all that white stuff that comes with it, there have been a few bright spots in the last week. We have new goat kids. New babies on the farm are always exciting. Will I ever tire of it? But new goat babies? Well that just makes me happy. They are my favorite. In the last week we've had twin doelings, and a single buckling born.

Aren't they just the cutest things? I don't think that we will be keeping any of these, and that is a little sad, but I will enjoy them while I can. They are so playful and fun. They are in the barn now. I can't wait until this never ending winter finally ends and we can watch them playing outside in the woods behind the house.

I'm also getting the gardening itch in a major way. I'm going to have to settle for starting some seeds inside. I think playing in the dirt, and watching something green grow will be very therapeutic for me.

What are you doing as these winter months drag on?


  1. Baking and learning crochet have been my sanity savers, and reading...a LOT of reading. I, too, am itching to garden. I am holding off 2 more weeks though as its just been too cold in garage which is where i do my work at.

  2. Paper crafts, reading, and lots of spring cleaning. I'd like to get out the sewing machine, but I've not been inspired.

  3. What am I doing? Hate to say it but basically counting the days until Spring! This has been one of the coldest winters we have had since we have been on the farm anyway.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway. You asked if we have ever milked any of the Boers. The occasion has come up once in awhile if a doe has a single only nursing one side, or I just need some and the dairy does we have are not fresh at the time, etc but not typically. Though they do have very good milk that is even higher in butterfat than Nubians from what I am told. Good milk for soap or cheese making, but they don't produce as much as a dairy doe does and many have very small teats. Great for nursing kids but a little awkward to milk by hand, but it never hurts to try...you might just find you have a red headed girl that will be worth the effort to milk! Another option is a Boer/dairy cross. I LOVE my two Boer/Nubian cross does for milking and they produce quite a bit of milk and meaty market wethers too when I breed them back to a Boer buck. If your family uses a lot of milk though there is nothing like a good dairy doe for producing lots of good milk.

  4. I have about 50 of my favorite gardening blogs bookmarked and every few days I go trough them all.

    Tomorrow I've decided on going to my favorite garden nursery, which has a wonderful huge greenhouse. I'll be taking pictures and generally getting inspired, and i bet they have all their seeds out already.

  5. Alexandra, Spring cleaning? Now that is what I should be doing.

  6. I haven't read all the entries yet, but I really just saw the title and a few entries and I'm intrigued. I was homeschooled myself and I'm in a place now where I want my family to get out and be self-sufficient. I commend you for doing this and I'm subscribed to your blog. :-)

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    Keep up the good work!

  8. this looks like a very interesting blog, i long to live somwhere like that, i will definatly be a regular reader