Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carter Caves

Monday and Tuesday our school consisted of an extended field trip to Carter Caves. This a beautiful Kentucky state park not far from here. As you might guess from the name, the park is full of caves. Unfortunately, most of the caves are closed due to a disease that is wiping out bat populations. Even so, we found plenty of opportunities for fun, exercise and education.

You may wonder why there are no pictures of Kellen. That is because every time he saw my camera pointed in his direction he would do this.....

or this.....

For some reason though, he didn't mind posing for other people's cameras, and they were able to catch a few good shots of him....(too bad they are too small to see when I upload them. They are in Facebook albums here and here.)

It was a great trip. Now, it is back to the normal routine!


  1. I remember my trip to Carlsbad caverns and the caves in Eastern it was amazing and I never have forgotten that trip.
    So glad your children went and the pics were awesome...thanks

  2. I love caves! Been thinking about visiting some this term. Was this a homeschool group visit? Looked like a lot of fun! I wish we had cohesive groups in our area. It's so transient here that we often go it alone. :( The few groups that exist are geared toward younger children, and they tend to do the same local trips year after year.

  3. Alexandra,
    There was a group of us that went and camped for the night. We are incredibly blessed to have several cohesive groups in the area. The only trouble is the calendar would be full if we tried to do everything. :)