Monday, August 31, 2009

Can it be true?

It feels like fall this morning, and I am wondering where did the summer go? This summer has been a blur. We didn't take any big trips this summer. The kids weren't involved in any extra activities this summer. Yet here it almost September and I don't know where the summer went.

Life in the 100 Acre Woods is just busy. Though this is only my third post all month (when have I ever posted so little?) there is just always something going on around here. We have new ducks. Got them from the neighbor mentioned in the previous post. They are Muscovy. Really quite ugly, but are supposed to be good layers. (the picture isn't actually our duck, but you get the idea. photo credit: Keith Watson.)

And if you aren't on Facebook, you may have missed Tim's photos of the excavator. First it got stuck on the hillside, and then it flipped when they were trying to get it out. It is right side up now, but still stuck on the hill.

Then of course there are the gardens which we expanded this year. I haven't done as much canning this year as last, but all the produce still keeps me busy. We are now trying to figure out what to do with all the sunflowers. We planted 1 1/2 rows, and they were gorgeous, but you don't really realize how many flowers and seed that leaves you with. It is crazy!

This summer there is also work off the farm. That probably is what makes everything seem so busy to me. I'm gone all weekend and Tuesday night. It really makes a huge difference when it comes to getting things done around here, but it also makes a huge difference in getting rid of debt.

But yesterday, before work, I glanced at my planner for this week, and it was blank! Blank?! I have to work Tuesday night, but other than that, no where else I have to go?! No appointments?! No co-op commitments?! Nothing! Nada! Yippee!

I have no words to describe how incredibly happy an empty schedule makes me. There is still plenty to do. I have laundry as always. There are apples to can, and fall garden to finish planting. There are a few good sales I want to organize coupons for and take advantage of, but I can do it when I want instead of trying to squeeze it in between the things on the calendar. It is freedom, I tell ya.


  1. sunflowers grew beautifully this year but the seeds always seem to be empty--no kernel. I wonder why that is? I'm supposing they're not being pollinated but I always see pollinators around them and the squirrels are eating the seed heads for some reason, right?

  2. Oh I know - we're having chilly early fall weather here too and wondering where the summer went...

  3. is that a "chuck" ? like a chicken and duck mix? I've never seen anything like it... am I THAT city?!

  4. We have a lot of these ducks around here. They are intelligent and mischievous with a sense of humor, and originally from South America. They like to tease cats and dogs.

  5. Holy cow - I'm glad he didn't get hurt with that excavator (or did he? I'm going to send you a friend request on Facebook).