Tuesday, April 07, 2009

snow? SNOW!

You've got to be kidding me. There are actually flurries flying outside right now. Did I mention how sick of snow I was this winter? A little snow is good. This year I felt like I was living in Northeast Ohio again, too much snow!

It is officially spring, and I have no desire to see that white flaky stuff for another seven months. Go away!

In case you've wondered where I've been the last two weeks, I've been here, just keeping my head above water with the various responsibilities and activities we have right now. Just a few highlights to catch you up. 

Two calves have been born. The first one had a little trouble getting started, but Papaw says she is looking good now. The second gave Mamaw and Papaw a scare too, for a different reason. His momma hid him. With the cold weather Papaw wanted to be sure he was doing ok, and searched to whole pasture to no avail. We still don't know where she had him, but he was with momma this morning at feeding time. 

We were supposed to get 50 chicks last week. You know when the weather was warm and nice. The hatchery had a short hatch, so our chicks should be here this week now. You know when it is cold and nasty. 

Desert (goat) had two bucklings last night while I was at work. Don't ask me why, but she had them out in the muddy shed yard instead of three feet away in the nice warm shed. They were still wet and a little cold when I got home. I dried them off and laid them in the hay in the shed. I had forgotten that Desert is a very protective mom. She went in the shed with the kids, gave me the evil eye and started stomping her foot at me. I thought it'd be best to just leave them all alone at that point. 

I wore a pedometer to work on Sunday. I walked two and half miles while I was at work. I'm hoping that one of the side effects of working will be losing weight. :)

Work really is going fairly well. Most days I can actually say that is enjoyable to be there interacting with adults and making some money. It does make things very busy, and time pressed at home. It has been adjustment for all of us, but over all I think it is worthwhile. 

-The Garden
Peas, lettuce, radish, beets, chard, carrots, strawberries, grapes, and asparagus have been planted. But not by me. I did manage to help with the cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and rhubarb. I'm feeling like a slacker. The seedlings need thinning and the weeds are sprouting up about as fast as the seedlings, but it has been too wet to get into the garden.

I checked my garden notebook and saw that I put beans in mid April the last two years. Just around the corner, if the snow stops. 

- The Family
Jeff and Gail (Tim's parents) are on their way here. The kids are very excited. Other than that the kids have eyes only for the Wii.  

I think that catches you up on the highlights. It is still snowing, and I am pouting, but I have to go fold laundry and get ready for work. 


  1. I agree---Go away snow!! We want warm weather!!! NOW!!

  2. I never heard the outcome from the potatos in the stacked tires. How'd that turn out?

  3. The snow didn't last long - but the rain will be here a while. ugh.