Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back on the Potty and Other Adventures

Vivian yesterday decided it was time to get back on the potty again. Not only did she want to go on the potty again, she wanted to do it all by herself. As in mom was not even allowed in the the bathroom. She wasn't perfect, but did manage to stay dry until after dinner. It is a good restart.

Owning animals is quite the drama. It is like having your own backyard soap opera. The latest is a goat, Patty, gone missing. We have searched, and have seen no signs of her. They have access to basically all of our woods. We are guessing she may have wandered off to kid. The weather has not been very favorable for that scenario. We really don't know what to think or do.

The lambs are so much fun to watch. They run and jump and play. The male, who was much bigger at birth, is growing like crazy. He is significantly bigger than the female. She still seems healthy and very active, but I'm concerned that she isn't getting enough to eat. I'll be happy when they are able to be outside more and she can forage more. They are just starting to nibble at hay, grain and grass. I am also thinking of setting up a creep feeder of some sorts, but have to figure a way to keep the male from hogging it all.

Kellen and Lydia are so excited for tomorrow. They are driving to Florida with Mamaw and Papaw to pick up a van purchased on eBay. Kellen got out the Atlas yesterday to map the way. I'm sure Papaw will appreciate the navigation skills of a nine year old. It will be a quick trip, but the van is in the same town my parents used to live so they are going to stay a few days with friends before heading back. Forecasts there are calling for 80's! I'm so jealous, but will be content to enjoy the relative quiet with half the kids gone for a few days.

Life is never boring around here, and it never waits for me to catch up. The children and animals just keep growing and doing their thing regardless of whether I am ready for the changes!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Still Here

Wow has it really been a week since I posted?

We have been battling the same bug that half America seems to have. Lydia is the only one who hasn't been sick. The rest of us have been battling some sort of fever, cough, sinus, or fatigue for the last week. It is getting old, but I think we are all on the mend.

One side unexpected side effect of all of this is Vivian has regressed in the potty training department. Between her being sick, and then I was sick, she was in a diaper almost all of the week. As you may recall she started all this potty training business. I was planning to wait for warmer weather. She really was doing well. I hadn't been brave enough to take her out in underwear yet, but she was wearing it all the time at home with almost no accidents. It may not been the timing I had planned for, but washing a lot less loads of diapers sure worked for me.

Now she isn't doing so well. Lots of accident. Lots of me getting frustrated. I did have her go bare bottomed yesterday for awhile, and that worked really well. She went in the potty every time, but it is chilly, and I hate for her to freeze her bottom, so I guess we will just keep trying with pants on. I know she will get it back, and we can always use diapers a little longer if we have too. What's a few more months after six straight years of diapers?

The lambs are doing great, and are so fun to watch. I'd forgotten how playful they are. I can't wait until the weather is a little nicer and we can let them out to romp a bit more.

In other animal news, I think we may have another hen sitting on her eggs. If so that means we will have more chicks in about a month!

Well this was just a quick catch up, now to get back to the laundry and school!

Friday, February 08, 2008

More on the Lambs

We are just a little excited about these lambs! They seem to be doing well, but after reading stats about 20% of new lambs dying in the first few days, I am trying to be cautiously optimistic. The little ewe is significantly smaller than her brother, but she is eating and active. It is kind of funny when I am checking on these lambs I'm looking for the signs you look for with a new breast feeding baby. Are they swallowing? Do they pee and poop? Their poop is even yellow like a baby's! Do their bellies feel full? Are they alert and active? Who knew being a mom would prepare you for caring for animals! A few more pictures from yesterday:

So far we have only had them in the shelter separated from the other animals. This afternoon if the weather cooperates we are going to take them out in the yard a bit. Should be fun!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


This morning I went out a found that Maggie had twins!

We have been putting her in a separate pen over night for the last few weeks. I knew she was getting closer because her milk sack was just huge, but last night she showed no signs of being in labor. Imagine my surprise to find these cute things this morning!

She was a little nervous this morning, so I didn't go in with them, but from a distance I think we have a new ram and a ewe. Both seem to be doing well. They are nursing, and are up and about. I plan to keep a close eye on them today. I will try to get some better pictures and keep you updated!

New lambs sure are a great way to beat the blahs!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Blame it on the week of rainy weather, blame it on the time of the month, blame it on my husband who is leaving me until Saturday so he can stay in a fancy hotel and eat fancy food for three days. Yes, technically he is working, but still. Maybe it is the financial set backs that keep coming despite our best efforts. Maybe it is my long to do list. Perhaps it is just an adjustment day after seemingly endless days of busyness and running. It could be any one of those things, or it could be because they have all fallen together, but today I just feel blah. I don't feel like doing anything I really need to do, and am finding myself going from one half completed task to another.

I know that none of those things listed above are really that important. I know I could make an equal or bigger list of all the good things. I know that the blah is purely flesh and emotion. I know that we are to live by the spirit. There we find life, joy, peace, and the blah's are nowhere to be found. Why is it so hard to die to the flesh, and live by the spirit?

Monday, February 04, 2008

You make my day

Crystal at Backyard Academy gave me this award. Thanks! Crystal always keeps me laughing, and makes my day too! Now to spread the warm fuzzies, I nominate the following for the You Make My Day Award.

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Pass it on!

Rain also tagged me for the six unimportant things meme. Just list six unimportant things about you, and tag more people to play. Easy enough.

1. I found my first gray hair at about 16.
2. My husband is five years younger than me.
3. In high school I dreamed of seeing the world. I'd still like to travel, but for now this corner of it is fine by me.
4. I'm not a big fan of eggs. Funny since we raise chickens.
5. I haven't worn my wedding ring in over six years. It doesn't fit.
6. I've only ever owned one brand new car.

And I tag....
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Sunday, February 03, 2008

We Have Chicks!

Since posting about The Persistence of Poultry, Tim and I candled eggs for the first time, and found that little Henrietta was indeed sitting on eight eggs that were growing chicks. There were also eight that weren't any good. We decided to let her sit on the good ones, and see what happened.

It is a beautiful day here; almost 50! I went out to put a little feed and water near where she was sitting. You can't see her unless you lay on the ground, and normally you don't hear her either. Today, though, I heard a little clucking that sure sounded like a momma hen.

I got down to look at her, and used a stick to push her off the nest a little. All I saw were eggs. A few hours later I was in that area again, and heard the distinct sound of peeps! It was hard to get a good look, but we saw at least three chicks. We could see four eggs too, so either there is another chick or another egg that we couldn't see.

The weather is nice so we are going to let her stay where she is for now, and see if some more hatch. Then we plan to move them all down to a box in the chicken house!

Since these eggs were laid around the time we switched roosters, it will be interesting to see if these are little red chickens or if they are a red/Orpington mix, or maybe there will be some of both. Always something interesting here!