Sunday, February 03, 2008

We Have Chicks!

Since posting about The Persistence of Poultry, Tim and I candled eggs for the first time, and found that little Henrietta was indeed sitting on eight eggs that were growing chicks. There were also eight that weren't any good. We decided to let her sit on the good ones, and see what happened.

It is a beautiful day here; almost 50! I went out to put a little feed and water near where she was sitting. You can't see her unless you lay on the ground, and normally you don't hear her either. Today, though, I heard a little clucking that sure sounded like a momma hen.

I got down to look at her, and used a stick to push her off the nest a little. All I saw were eggs. A few hours later I was in that area again, and heard the distinct sound of peeps! It was hard to get a good look, but we saw at least three chicks. We could see four eggs too, so either there is another chick or another egg that we couldn't see.

The weather is nice so we are going to let her stay where she is for now, and see if some more hatch. Then we plan to move them all down to a box in the chicken house!

Since these eggs were laid around the time we switched roosters, it will be interesting to see if these are little red chickens or if they are a red/Orpington mix, or maybe there will be some of both. Always something interesting here!


  1. I remember loving it when our family had baby chicks! THen they grow up and they are NOT cute anymore! he he But at least you get to enjoy them for awhile!

  2. Oh how cool! T's only had one chick and it was the cutest thing. It reminded me of one of those old fasioned pull toys (certainly it was the other way around, duh) that has the hen with a chick attached by a little string. Every time the chick would get to far away you'd hear Mama "cluck cluck cluck" and there it came! I can't wait to get a few chickens of our own!

  3. "switched roosters" sounds like you reinstalled or upgraded or something. A lot more techy than it is :)

    And why does that thrill me to see your chickens?

  4. awww, how cute! This reminds me to ask you, what do you do with all your eggs? Do you sell them? Do you need egg cartons?

  5. Hi,
    I have a little question for ya (o;

    What does your chicken coop look like? We're planning on getting a few chicks and we're not sure what kind of coop to build.
    Also, how many chickens do you have?
    This is my first time to your blog, so if you've supplied this info. before..I'm sorry to be asking. (o;


  6. Michelle,

    I haven't posted much about our chicken house. It is real basic and supposed to be temporary, but the permanent structure keeps getting bumped down the list.

    If you free range really all they require is a place to roost at night. It need to provide a dry shelter, and keep predators (that has been our challenge). Simple boxes work for them to lay. The trick to getting them to roost where you want is to put a light in the shelter. If you search for chickens on the blogger search tool there are a few pictures of the house.

    We have 14 hens, 1 rooster, and two chicks. (we thought there were three, but I guess not. No more hatched.)

  7. Stephanie,
    Thanks for responding. We're worried about predators too. So, I we're definitely in need of at least a good chicken fence. I'll post pictures on my blog with whatever we come up with. (o;

  8. aww, chickies!! too @ switched roosters, that made me chuckle too!! ;-)

    **arrived here via mary's blog**