Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back on the Potty and Other Adventures

Vivian yesterday decided it was time to get back on the potty again. Not only did she want to go on the potty again, she wanted to do it all by herself. As in mom was not even allowed in the the bathroom. She wasn't perfect, but did manage to stay dry until after dinner. It is a good restart.

Owning animals is quite the drama. It is like having your own backyard soap opera. The latest is a goat, Patty, gone missing. We have searched, and have seen no signs of her. They have access to basically all of our woods. We are guessing she may have wandered off to kid. The weather has not been very favorable for that scenario. We really don't know what to think or do.

The lambs are so much fun to watch. They run and jump and play. The male, who was much bigger at birth, is growing like crazy. He is significantly bigger than the female. She still seems healthy and very active, but I'm concerned that she isn't getting enough to eat. I'll be happy when they are able to be outside more and she can forage more. They are just starting to nibble at hay, grain and grass. I am also thinking of setting up a creep feeder of some sorts, but have to figure a way to keep the male from hogging it all.

Kellen and Lydia are so excited for tomorrow. They are driving to Florida with Mamaw and Papaw to pick up a van purchased on eBay. Kellen got out the Atlas yesterday to map the way. I'm sure Papaw will appreciate the navigation skills of a nine year old. It will be a quick trip, but the van is in the same town my parents used to live so they are going to stay a few days with friends before heading back. Forecasts there are calling for 80's! I'm so jealous, but will be content to enjoy the relative quiet with half the kids gone for a few days.

Life is never boring around here, and it never waits for me to catch up. The children and animals just keep growing and doing their thing regardless of whether I am ready for the changes!


  1. Oh, here's hoping that Patty comes back soon, safe and sound.
    If he actually looked at the atlas, I'd say the 9-year-old's navigation would be more reliable than those of some grownups. 80s? Wow. It's 17 here at the moment.

  2. Oh dear, I hope you find your goat!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope the tip works for you :)

  3. 80's? Oh I am so jealous! Hoping your Patty returns soon, healthy!