Monday, May 12, 2014

Three in Double Digits

Look who turns ten today! Happy birthday Nolan!

I know it practically un American, but he has never played soccer. In fact, none of the kids have, except Kellen, who played when he was three. This fall, at school, Nolan became enthralled with soccer. Every home game he begged to be ball boy. It did have a little something to do with freebies from the concession stand, but he genuinely enjoyed running up and down the field chasing after the balls.

This spring the brochures came around for the school's summer soccer camp. Nolan jumped on the opportunity, even though it meant parting with a chunk of his own money.

Since signing up, he has been out practicing with his soccer friends after school almost every day. A friend gave him a pair of soccer cleats, and Saturday  Mamaw took him birthday shopping. They came home with soccer gear, all Warrior blue. 

Sunday after church the first thing he did was get all decked out in his new equipment. He hesitated to take the ball out. It rained most of Saturday, and he didn't want to get the ball muddy. After assuring him it was ok to get a ball muddy, he was off and running. I think he might be a little excited! I think there is a lot of bleacher sitting on my future.

I love this kid! Happy birthday to my ten year old boy! 

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