Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Breathing In and Breathing Out

What a beautiful day!

The sun was warm and shining. We got home in work with time to go and enjoy it. Tim and I  took a short walk through the woods, and spotted baby ramps peeking through the leaves.

We turned our sow, LuLu out to pasture with her piglets. I think I could watch piglets play for hours. They are so plump and cute.

We took a moment to watch the turkeys high roost routine. One hen hops from bucket to fence to roof before making the final leap to the tree. The other goes from the fence and almost climbs the trunk of the tree to get to her roosting branch. That I have to get on video, maybe tomorrow.

We took deep breaths and enjoyed the beauty of the woods and the animals that surround us. We breathed out the stresses of our busy life. We took a moment to appreciate and to enjoy. We need more moments like this.

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