Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Blah, Blah, Blah

We got more snow.

It is cold.

The furnace went out. The kitchen pipes froze.

Blah, blah, blah.

More snow, more cold, more days off school; my mantra this winter. How many days off have we had? So many I've lost count. This I do know. We've had one full week of school since Christmas.

I'm starting to get a little grumpy. I'm not complaining about the days off, but the constant cold (amplified this week by our furnace issue) is wearing on me. The lack of a consistent schedule is wearing on me. I'm ready to say goodbye to this winter that never wants to end. I'm feeling blah. I'm starting to whine.

I need to focus on some positive things.

Our baby girl has a birthday soon! She will be eight tomorrow! Hard to believe.

There are tomato and pepper seedlings growing in my bath tub. Winter can not stay. Even though we woke up to ten degrees this morning, it is supposed to be in the forties and fifties the rest of the week.  Summer will come. There will be sunshine, gardening, and fresh ripe produce to enjoy.

The weather saved me a personal day. I was supposed to be off today anyway. The kids have their Ham, Bacon, and Egg judging this afternoon. Thanks to the weather, I didn't have to get my sub plans together. I didn't have to use a personal day.

The furnace repair is covered under warranty. The furnace is nine years old. The warranty is for ten years. Guess this was a good winter for it to go out. The crazy thing is the problem with it was a piece of insulation The insulation on the door of the unit came off and was sucked into the blower motor.  That is what caused the motor to burn up. I'm also thankful we were home when it happened. We could smell it, and got the unit turned off quickly.

Then of course, there is the truth that none of these things wearing me down are really important. They are all temporary. There is life, peace, and joy regardless of these inconvenient worldly issues. They are temporary the rest is eternal. That knowledge is a light on the gloomiest of days.

Time to enjoy the moment.


  1. Hope they get that furnace repaired for you soon, Stephanie. Praising God with you that these earthly concerns are all temporary and that God's love and grace are eternal! hope your day gets better as it goes along. God bless!!! :-)

  2. Happy early happy birthday wishes to Vivian! As for the rest of it, Aargh! But, as one of the women in the Sunday school class says in such circumstances: "Hallelujah anyway."
    Hugs, Aunt Nancy