Thursday, October 24, 2013

Say Goodbye to October

The weeks fly by. Next week is a busy one, and we'll turn around and it will be November! October was full of activities.

Kellen traveled with his friend, Savannah,  and her family to D.C.  I never quite know how to refer to Savannah. Neither of them like the term girl friend. For a time, we referred to her as his romantic interest. We have called her the girl he is courting, but that is a mouthful. So, his friend, Savannah, it is. They actually went in September, but didn't come back until October. So, that still counts for October activity doesn't it?

All reports were that it was a great time. Kellen tolerated the ball game they attended, and then he and Savannah were in intellectual heaven visiting book stores and museums. He did complain a little about the American Girl Doll museum and the 50+ pictures Savannah took there. The tables were turned though when they spent the entire day in the Aerospace Museum, and according to Kellen, still did not see all he wanted to see.

Lydia spent a week in Florida with my mom, brother, his family and in-laws. They went to Disney and Sea World. Lydia got to go for the price of her airfare. The trade off was she got to be a helper to the adults for all the younger kids!

They all had a great time. Lydia came back pretty tired, but I think she thought it was worth it.

I took my class to the Heritage Farm Museum. The items at the museum are a perfect fit with our history curriculum. We had talked a lot about farming and colonial times. Earlier that week we had talked about apprentices and the printing press. It was fun to see those connections being made when they saw in real life the things we had discussed in class.

Three 300lb pigs went with us to school one day. My class had been asking me to bring a pig in since they found out we had pigs. I think they had a little pig in mind, but we brought big ones instead. The hogs were Kellen, Lydia, and Nolan's Ham, Bacon, and Egg projects. They had to be to the processor that afternoon. Getting there in time meant the pigs came to school with us on a trailer. As you might imagine, they got a lot of attention that afternoon. Kids of all ages also got an education about where ham and bacon come from. 

Today, Nolan and Lydia went with their classes to the Columbus Zoo. Tim is on his way now to pick them up. The report from another parent whose husband went was that the weather was pretty miserable. It actually snowed. The animals weren't out. (Who can blame them?!) That was an adult perspective. I am betting a child's perspective will be a little different. We sent them well bundled, and I think they are going to think running around the zoo with friends is going to be pretty awesome regardless of the weather and animal activity. 

Tomorrow the kids are off school. The teachers have in service. (Which is why I am writing on a Thursday night instead of grading papers or making lesson plans.) My kids are so excited. They will be going to our homeschool co-op with Savannah's family. They can't wait to see their friends. 

We are processing chickens on Friday, turkeys with another farmer on Saturday, and the list of before winter farm tasks is very long. Next week is Grandparents Day, and there is a bustle of activity leading up to that day. There is a half day of school Friday, and Monday is all day/evening parent teacher conferences. 

Do you hear the circus theme in your head? I do. My head is spinning. 

Today. at school, a parent that helps at lunch time told me she knew that she knew me from somewhere. She figured it out. She has been reading my blog. She asked me how we are teaching and doing everything else. The answer is we are not. 

As an aside do any of you fellow bloggers find it awkward when you meet someone who reads your blog? Maybe I'm just weird. It is flattering when someone says they read your blog, but then my first thought is always, "They know so much about me." I'm sure that sounds stupid. I know I write a public blog. But those of you who know me in real life, know I'm not nearly as talkative in person. I can't explain why I enjoying sharing so much more in writing. Anyhow, mom who I talked to today, if you are still reading,  sorry if that conversation was completely awkward. :) 

There are things that aren't getting done now, but it seems like no matter what we are doing, we can't get it all done. When we weren't teaching, Tim was working crazy hours, and I was spending a lot of time on things for The Wild Ramp. As much as we think, and say we want a quiet, simple life, it seems we are quite good at filling up every minute of our day with some sort of activity. I'd like to put the blame on "the world we live in," but I have to admit that even though we say no to a lot of things, we are the ones responsible for this crazy busy life. It will calm down some day won't it? In the meantime, we'll be doing the things we love, the things we need to, and trying to keep up with all that entails. 

And November is almost here, and the holidays. . . 


  1. I feel exactly the same way about blogging. I know I put it out there for the public, but I am an introvert that wouldn't have told you much, if any, of that info. in person.
    It looks like the kids have been having a great time. Good that you had a pretty day for Heritage Farm. My J is on a reward trip to Ritter Park this morning in multiple layers. BRRR.

  2. Internet acquaintances are awkward whether blogging or FB. I've had a couple of opportunities meeting FB "friends" that didn't follow through because the friendship would be hard to explain, as one friend told me. No other explanation, it just is what it is.

    You know like your blog; the stuff K gets into, farm chores, and your kitchen activities. You seem to be keeping up with all of it quite well. Thanks.