Sunday, September 01, 2013

Tending the Bees

Bees are one of many things on our list of "we've like to have someday." I'm a little in awe of bees and their important role as pollinators, and of the delicious honey that they produce. Start up costs, and lack of knowledge have kept us from diving into that area of agriculture.

A beekeeper we know through The Wild Ramp, Gabe, mentioned his backyard was getting pretty crowded with the bee hives he was keeping there. We mentioned that we would love to have bees on our property. A few weeks later he brought out four hives.

Last weekend he came to tend them, and see if there was any honey. He brought an couple extra bee keeping jackets so we could watch, learn,  and help.

Gabe was great at explaining as he worked. Unfortunately, Nolan and Lydia weren't home, but the rest of us learned a lot. The honey production was disappointing, but Gabe said that is the story of all bee keepers in our area this year.

The bees are kept near one of gardens. I just love to watch them and their coming and goings while I'm there working. They have been up there all summer long, and the only person to be stung has been Tim. He has been stung multiple times while working in the garden. It is kind of strange. For some reason the bees must think he is a threat.

We are so happy to have those little pollinators and honey makers here!

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