Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Doings

The last week, I've been thoroughly enjoying the beauty of fall. I love fall. I love the colors, the warm days and crisp mornings. I love the food of fall. There isn't much I don't like about fall except that winter follows it.

Yesterday was very windy, and the leaves were blowing everywhere, and I realized fall wouldn't be with us much longer. We've been busy this fall.

There was our annual trip to the Pumpkin Festival. The kids, along with hundreds of others decorate their pumpkins. Then there are historical demonstrations to see, booths to shop, and places to play. Nolan and Vivian wanted to play in the hay (which was actually straw) maze. You know, because we don't have any hay to play in here on the farm.

We also attended a local farm day at a friends' farm. We got a tour of her high tunnel, met with others interested in local food, and enjoyed a meal prepared with local ingredients. It was a fun afternoon. Oh, what did my kids want to do while we were there? Play in the straw pit. You know, because we don't have any straw here on the farm. Well, except for Kellen, who took his normal position away from everyone with a book.

Vivian cleaning up the salad from lunch.
We've been clearing out gardens and putting some to rest for the season. We have a little help from the pigs this year. They do an excellent job of clean up for us! They even fertilize as they go!

Not all the gardens are getting a rest though. Tim and Kellen set up some low tunnels using almost all materials we had on hand. We have lettuces, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, and radishes going under them now. When it gets a little colder, I will add a layer of plastic for extra protection.

We planted a different variety of pie pumpkins this year. They are called Winter Luxury. They are so delicious. I've been baking and cooking a lot with pumpkin. Apparently, the chickens think they are as delicious as we do. Good thing I have a ample supply put aside for me!

And Kellen has been working on firewood. He has been splitting it and putting it in bundles to sell at The Wild Ramp. He has an ample supply waiting to be split. Hopefully, we will get our wood burner in soon, and put a good dent in that pile and our electric bill.

I used to think that summer was the busy season, and that things would slow down in the fall and the winter. After seven years here, I realize that there really is no slow season. Every season has its own busy about it. The tasks may change but the to do list always remains. We enjoy each season and its accompanying beauty and tasks as it comes. I just wish fall would last a little longer.


  1. This post makes me miss you guys and all f our friends so much!!!! :-(

    1. sure Jamie as you take off for the beach. ;) Miss you too. Co-op doesn't seem the same without you and your crew. Vivian is still asking when she gets to spend the night. LOL

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