Sunday, August 19, 2012

From the mouths of babes.

Earlier this week I strained my back. It was stiff and painful for the majority of the week. Tasks that required bending over were particularly painful. So, the other day when my jeans were rolled up funny at the bottom and needed adjusted, I asked Vivian to come and help me.

As she was helping me, I asked her if she was going to take care of me like this when I was old. I told her when I was old like Aunt Hazel (my great aunt who is 95) she would have to tie my shoes and help me with all kinds of things. Vivian, my baby, who cherishes being helpful and being with her mommy still, was completely agreeable to my teasing suggestions.

Nolan, who had been standing off to the side watching and listening, had this to say, "But Mom you are already...." and he caught himself as he realized what kind of trouble he was about to step into.

Nolan, it is always Nolan. What a stinker!

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