Monday, June 11, 2012

Llamas Llamas Llamas

This spring we set out on a new adventure, llamas. No we didn't get any llamas, but our wonderful 4-H leader is the owner of Head and Heart Fiber Farm, and she is allowing the club members to train and show her llamas this summer. The kids have been working hard learning about llamas, training them, and learning about showmanship for the last month.

Last weekend was their second show. They all did so well. The three older kids showed in showmanship, obstacles, public relations, and pack classes. Vivian showed in showmanship and obstacles.

L'Oreal decided she needed a break while the judge did a little paperwork during Vivian's showmanship class.

Nolan and Sk8tr are best buds.
Lydia and Lady Bella. Second in showmanship

Kellen who claims to not like llamas all that much. Huh?

We brought along friends and cousins to this show too.  We all had a lot of fun. The show went late into the night. Annie's son went to the van to sleep. Nolan conked out in the grass for a little bit, but we all still had a great time!

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