Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Crafting at My Speed

 We really have a wonderful and active homeschool community. It truly is a blessing.

This year one of the moms decided to offer the other moms a crafting class while the kids were in their music classes. This is not my strong suit, but I'm adventurous.

Together we made a disappearing nine patch quilt. Well beyond my skill level alone, but with friends it was fun and turned out lovely. We made decorations for a dance. And then we started on rag rugs.

I've always been envious of my friends who can sit and crochet or knit while having a conversation, watching kids or TV, or waiting for an appointment. I've longed to be able to do something productive, creative, and practical during those down times. They all promise me it truly is easy, and I'm sure it is after you get the hang of it, but there is a learning curve involved.

A couple of winters ago I tried my hand at crochet. It was frustrating to me. I finally did get the hang of the basic stitch, and I made a chain. I made a very long crochet chain, and nothing else. That was the end of my attempt.

When we started on rag rugs, I knew this was a craft that was more my speed. No skill involved. No learning curve. No creativity necessary. I loved that it could be made entirely of scraps, as in free! The center of my rug is made from scrap material from my sewing friends. The rest is made from our old clothing that was too worn or stained to sell or give away. Something practical made from things I'd otherwise be throwing away; that I like. The fact that the learning curve is almost non existent is something that I can love.

My first rug was started with our class, and finished during family movies nights. It now resides in our bathroom. It may not be the prettiest rug ever, but I love it.


  1. Hi there Stephanie -- I just stumbled upon you and saw your awesome rag rug project. Hope all going well for you and it looks like you have thrived since I last had contact with you back in the Made from Scratch days. Blessing to you and the family and hope you continue to enjoy life there on your 100 acre farm.

    1. They are going well. Still super busy. Hope things are well with you too. I pop in over there every now and then from my Google Reader!

  2. I LOVE rag rugs. They just have a special comfort to them. I seriously need to learn how to make them myself. I would think once you get good at it, you could then start to better coordinate colors to fit each room.