Friday, March 30, 2012

"Home" School

When one is a homeschooler, you might think that they actually are at home a lot. This is not the case with this house of homeschoolers. We have the mixed blessing/temptation of  a very active homeschool community. I try hard to get a good balance of days at home and days out. I'd like to err on the side of days at home, after all we do have plenty of things to take care of at home, but more often I find myself with a calendar filled with activities. Many of those weeks happen when I have things planned, and then other things come up that are too good to miss, or that are out of my control. This was one of those weeks.

Monday the week began with sewing class. It was a basic introduction to the machine and stitches. The kids really seemed to enjoy it. I was thrilled that the boys wanted to take the class. Nolan asked to sew some more when we got home. Guess, I better clear the clutter away from my machine.

We went to the park afterward with friends whom we don't see often. It was a great day. 

 Tuesday afternoon we had band and guitar lessons. Wednesday we had a bug lab. The kids dissected roaches; very large roaches. It was kind of gross, but educational.

The kids (or at least some of them) will be showing Llamas with their 4-H club this year. Wednesday afternoon we went to get the know the llamas and match llamas to kids.

Thursday morning was standardized testing. Today we only had to leave to take Kellen to a birthday party. I tried to catch up from the neglect of the week, and wondered why I was so tired all day.

"Home"schooling huh?  Please don't ask me if my kids' are getting enough socialization. The better question is when do we open the books with all this socialization and education going on?


  1. I love that you home school your kids. If I had any, I would homeschool too. Now,even though I don't have kids, people ask me that same question,"Don't you worry about socialization?" Uhhh no. Good to see someone doing it right. lol

  2. Puhleez!! I tell people the same thing. PLENTY of socialization going on here. Some days not enough book "larning"!! I'm a sucker for all the real life stuff though. It's such a blessing to have the flexibility to do all of it. Now, if I could only say no a bit more. :)

  3. What fun! We don't have many hs groups here, but we make do. That sewing class looks really good. I'd like to take it! ;)

    I'm tired a lot too. We have draining vocations that we love. :)

    Easter blessing to you and your family.