Monday, January 16, 2012

Drawing a Line in the Snow

Recently, a friend called our weather here  bipolar. I think that is a pretty accurate description of the typical West Virginia winter, at least since we've been here. Last week the high temperatures didn't break the freezing mark. Today was in the 50's.

Personally, I love it!

The temperatures started creeping upward yesterday. In the winter, the sun crosses the sky behind our house casting a wide shadow across our front yard. It leaves the yard closest to the driveway melted and the the front porch and yard covered in snow. Just a bipolar yard to go with our bipolar weather.


  1. We've had crazy weather here in Wisconsin, too, from one extreme to the other. The month started cold, then got warm, now we're back to cold again. In the end, it'll go down as an "average" month.

  2. In Ontario we've had only a few days of snow when typically we're snow covered from November on.

    Very odd!