Sunday, October 09, 2011

I Don't Know, But It is Bad.

Awhile back the girls and I were on our to Farmer's Market. They were playing school, and Lydia was working with Vivian on her math skills. Vivian was counting with her fingers, and in the process had her middle finger up alone. Lydia gasped and said, "Vivian you can't put your middle finger up like that."

From the front of the van, I am wondering how Lydia knows what that particular gesture means, and what she is going to tell her little sister about it. Vivian is unfazed, and simply asks, "Why can't I?" Lydia answers, "It is bad. It means a bad word."

Do you really think Vivian was satisfied with such an answer?  She kept pushing Lydia, and I kept quietly wondering how this was all going to turn out. Finally, Lydia looks at Vivian and says, "I don't know what it means. I just know that it is bad. Don't do it."

Vivian was finally satisfied with that answer, and so was her mom.


  1. Hehe -- so glad the answers were handled in a way you approved. =) It's so hard to be a filter for your children these days and you never know what (and when) they'll pick something up.

    On a side note, the story of "the third finger" is actually fairly interesting. Basically back in the midevil times, a conquering army cut off the middle finger of the defeated archers' hands so they could not fire arrows at them if they went back to war. The gesture evolved from new archers showing the invading army that they could fight back.

    Interesting stuff! =) Happy Sunday.

    City Roots, Country Life

  2. So as a side note, after reading Emma's comment I asked Kellen if he knew the origin of the flipping the middle finger. He knew exactly how it started. How does this kid know so much?!!!