Thursday, June 09, 2011

We'll be Saving on Shampoo

When it has not been raining this spring, it has been unseasonably hot. Long hair and heat makes for hot heads, and lots of pony tails. The girls have been begging me to go get hair cuts. Lydia and I have both donated our hair before. Lydia's was long enough to donate again, and Vivian wanted to donate hers this time too. Wednesday, we finally found a good time to go and get hair cuts.

Viv's hair has always been long. It has only been trimmed up here and there. I was a little hesitant to have her hair cut. In the last six months or so she has completely lost any vestige of baby chub. She has gotten tall and slender, and looks like a little girl instead of my baby. In my mind, keeping her hair long was an attempt to hold onto the baby just a little longer I think.

I was right. Cutting her hair did make her look even older. I can't be upset though. It is super cute and she loves it.

Lydia has had short hair before. So, cutting her hair again was not as dramatic. She has extremely thick hair. It was hot for her, and a lot of up keep. See how thick it is. That is the top of her pony tail where they cut it off. That is a lot of hair.

Both the girls' hair is stacked in the back. Funny how the same hair cut looks so different on each of them. Cute on them both, but definitely different.

Oh and I got a significant amount of hair cut off too. Guess you'll just have to see me in person to see how much.


  1. Oh that's so sweet! It's so nice of them to donate their hair. I've donated mine 5 times in my lifetime ~ over 14 inches each time. Now I can't donate it anymore because it's turning gray and me and Ms. Clairol have become friends:)

  2. I've done it too, but I've got thin hair. I hope they could use it! I did get a thank you letter, so they must of done something with it.

    That's some thick hair. Oh boy, they'll be happy to receive those pony tails.

    My hair looked like Lydia's hair after I cut it. I've got a side part as well. I really like that stacked look in the back and the swing of hair in the front. They both look very cute with short hair.

  3. Oh, I meant Vivian's hair.

  4. Mel, Locks of Love will take colored hair. They will also take gray, but they sell the gray.

  5. They look beautiful as ever! Grace has been begging me to cut more of hers off too! Hot sticky faces with hair stuck on them is getting pretty old...She said she just wants to play without worrying about her hair...LOL