Monday, November 08, 2010

And now we are farmers - Part One

It all began one holiday meal. The extended family was gathered and some how the conversation turned to spacious yards, large gardens and tending a few animals. Some of us had once been farmers. Some of us had fond memories of a childhood in a rural setting. Some of us were fans of Mother Earth News. But that day we found that we were all current city dwellers longing for more space, more air, more quiet, and a degree of the self sufficiency that can be found in living off the land.

For most of us sitting around that table eating pie, the talk was of dreams and of some days and of wouldn't it be nice ifs. For my dad that that talk was an idea to grab a hold of and run with. It wasn't long until he had a radius plotted on the map to begin the search for land. He and my mom would spend their free time driving to different states looking for land that would fit the needs of the family and their budget. That spring he had a place in mind.

Our third child was only a few weeks old. At the spur of the moment, we packed the kids and headed four hours south to meet dad and the potential land. We parked our van just a little off the road at the top of hill. We looked over the hollow and as far as we could see. None of this was the land that was for sale. No, this was the right away. It was an old logging road. It was overgrown in spots. It was swampy in other spots, and it would eventually become the road to our home.

We hiked over half a mile, Kellen walking, Lydia in a backpack, and Nolan in the sling, until we came to a small ridge which is where the property began. We walked along that ridge discussing possible sites for houses, buildings, and what it might take to make it all happen. The property was nothing but woods. There were no buildings. There was no water or electric, and the right of way was impassable. Yet, it was beautiful. You truly felt like you were alone in the world as you walked it. At the same time, the property was within twenty minutes of any service, store or restaurant you could want. We fell in love.

My parents purchased the property that summer. The neighbor showed us another way to get vehicles a little closer to the property. Soon family members were camping at the property on a regular basis, and the work began.

To be continued.


  1. I'm enjoying the story, and looking forward to part 2. :)

  2. This is very inspiring... I'm currently considering much the same move. I can hardly wait to read part two on how you were able to get things started.

  3. I love this. I would love to hear more of the story and see pics of the progress. Have you blogged it?

  4. Excellent! I always love to hear about how people just decide to go for their dreams!

  5. Thanks everyone. This actually started as a guest post for someone, but then I realized I just had too much to tell and wanted it written down. I'm not sure when the rest will come.

    Sherri, I started blogging a few months after we moved here. So a lot of the early stories are on the blog, but I've never put the beginning of the story on the blog.

  6. How exciting. Looking forward to the remainder of the story. Don't leave us hanging for too long. lol.

  7. I was out blog hopping and happened to land here. I truly ENJOYED the visit and just became a follower. Can't wait to hear the rest of this continuing story of you living the American Dream!