Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Little Farm Hands

Last week the older two children were on vacation with my mom. You can read more about that on Kellen's blog, and Tim and I had a day off together for the first time in months. So, how do we enjoy our "almost" family time? By working of course.

There were too many roosters in the chicken house. For you chicken owners, you know what that means. For everyone else, let's just say that the hens were not happy. The roosters had to go.

Funny, when Kellen and Lydia left for Canada, Nolan was very excited to be the big kid in the house. It didn't take long for him to realize though, the big kid does more work too. Nolan and Vivian helped us pluck (a few of ) fourteen roosters. They weren't too thrilled about the wet feathers. I can't say that I blame them. What a mess!

Don't worry we did not over work the kids. They had plenty of rest breaks and play time.  What could be better than laying on a stack of feed lovin' on a kitten. The stuff childhood dreams are made of.

Now, that Tim's crazy schedule has come to an end and the entire family is home together more evenings and days, I imagine that there will be lots more family work projects. There is plenty to do around here before winter.


  1. They don't look like they minded the feather plucking chore too much!

  2. That picture with the children and the cat is adorable! Glad you hubby is home more often...just in time for nice weather. I know I get much more done when it's not so hot.