Thursday, June 10, 2010

To See What We Can See

Today Lydia, Nolan and I set off on an adventure to see what we could see. Actually, we were hoping to find black raspberries. We did find about enough for a pie, but in the process enjoyed scouting some other wild foods and coming across other interesting things.

We picked daylilies, elder flowers, and milkweed flowers. We will be making fritters with these soon.

We found the blackberry bushes are absolutely loaded this year. We found a few that were ripe, but it is still early. They usually are at their peak around the Fourth of July. Looks like there will be a ton this year.

The sumac is also flowering. These are slow to ripen though, and won't be ready until the end of summer when they turn a deep red color. I'm ready for some sumac pie now, but will have to be patient.

We also stopped at Big Knot for a little recreation. Big Knot is the kids' term for a spot between the barn and driveway. It really is just a rope swing hanging from a high tree, but to them it is a starting point for many adventures.

A walk around the place wouldn't be complete with out seeing a box turtle. Today we saw two.

We didn't see a lot of what we wanted to see on our morning walk today, but we appreciated the things we did see and the time spent together in fresh air and sunshine. It was a good morning.


  1. i can't tell you how jealous i am of all your beautiful trees. Here we are in N Wi-forest central and we buy a place with no trees! Oh well that's what Dad's place next door is for-but its just not the same!
    Thanks for the pics

  2. Ah but trees make it difficult for pasture and for gardens. oh to have a balance of cleared land and trees. :)

  3. Nice adventures blog. Thanks for sharing. Keep blogging frined.

  4. Chanced upon your blog by following random "next blog" links from my own blog. Is your place really called Mil-Ton Farms? Cool. I kind of wish I'd thought of that. Actually, ours is called Stanley Green. All the best.

  5. i like your blog..keep blogging :)