Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fall Fun

The Fall Festivities are in full swing. Wednesday night we went to the Corn Maze with a group of people from church. I've never seen such tall corn in my life. We entered the maze with family friends, four adults and eight kids. It was quite the adventure. We were the first of our group to enter. We were the last to exit. I know some of you are heading there also. All I can say is the route from #3 to #4 is killer. Good luck, and don't let the kids navigate!

Today we went to the Pumpkin Festival with our homeschool co-op. All the kids got pumpkins to decorate. Vivian made a bunny. Nolan and Lydia made deer. They had a lot of fun decorating the pumpkins. Kellen carved his.

After the pumpkin decorating fun, we walked around to see the exhibits. We mostly hit the historical ones. We watched a potter, a spinner, and a blacksmith. We saw a few animals and looked at some animal hides. We watched apple butter and sorghum being made while enjoying time together and with friends.

I love fall and all the fall festivities that come with it. Soon we will be hosting a fall festival of our own, and roasting our first pig here in the 100 Acre Woods. You can be sure I will be posting more about that later!


  1. Sweet pics and looks like you all had fun. Don't you just love this time of the year? Can't wait for the roasted pig pics.
    Have a wonderful morning.

  2. we really enjoyed hanging out with you guys at the was a really nice day...:-) Now I am super interested in carding and spinning wool.....don't think I have time for another "hobby"....but it was so neat to watch!

  3. Diane, I do love fall. It is probably my favorite season. Just wish it could be fall all year! :)

    if you want to learn to spin talk to Patricia at co-op. She is a spinner.

  4. Your post makes me want to do some fun fall things!!! It cools off here then gets hot again.... makes it hard.