Thursday, June 25, 2009

And Summer has Only Begun...

June is almost gone, and it went by in a blur. Life has been busy with farm and garden activity, and other summer fun.

Last week Nolan and Lydia went to 4-H day camp for four days. For me it was kind of like sending them off to their first day of school. Bittersweet. I was a little nervous for Nolan, but thankfully he and Lydia were in the same group. He had a great time. They both did.

I asked Nolan what was the best part of camp. His answer, "Swimming."

"What besides swimming did you like."


Apparently he really liked the swimming.

That Friday Jake and Delilah came down for the weekend, and to drop Jude off for a week long stay. Ashley, Miles, and their aunt (who is their age) came down for two weeks.

Monday morning we dropped Kellen and Miles off for five days of 4-H overnight camp. This was Kellen's first time for overnight camp. Again, bittersweet for mom. I was very excited for him to go, until a few days before he left. At that time I had a slight panic attack, and wondered what they heck I was doing sending him off to stay with strangers for five days. He was undaunted, and very excited. I can't wait to pick him up tomorrow morning, and to hear all about his week. He'll probably only want to talk about swimming.

Of course we aren't just sitting around while the boys are at camp. My mom is on vacation and there are more grandchildren here than normal. Tuesday she took them all to the library and the spray park. Yesterday, we took them rock climbing. Today for swimming, paddles boats, and play at a nearby water park. Tomorrow we pick up the boys, and rest (and do laundry, and get ready for the next week of activities.)

Saturday my parents will be heading to Ohio with Miles, Ashely and Micah to take Jude home. Jeff and Gail will be coming here and leaving for Ohio on Sunday with Kellen, Lydia, and Nolan for a week. I will be working all weekend. Are you following all this? Because my head is spinning.

While the three oldest are involved in countless fun activities and being spoiled rotten by their grandparents, Tim and I will be taking Vivian for a three day camping trip. And hopefully finding some peace, quiet, and rest. On the Fourth the kids will be back. That following week looks gloriously empty.

I plan to enjoy it while I can. (Actually, canning is probably what I will be doing that week, or picking berries.) Then there is VBS at our church and a consignment sale I'd like to participate in, and then it is the fair. I'm scared to look on the calendar beyond that.

Lydia asked me the other day why summer goes so fast and winter takes so long. I tried to tell her that summer has only begun. I tried to explain to her that it only seems to go faster because there are so many more activities. She didn't get it. I have to admit that neither do I.


  1. Kiddo would enjoy the swimming too. :)

    I hope you guys enjoy the camping trip and get some good rest. It's funny to me how summer can range from completely overwhelming to the boring, slothful, 'endless days of summer' from one day to the next!


  2. Hello, we are fellow homeschoolers from Ohio who live in a forest. I came across your blog and immediately thought.. wow.. someone who might be alot like us!


  3. Sherri,
    We are originally from Wayne Co Ohio. Been here four years. Glad you found us! :)