Saturday, February 14, 2009

What you learn when the power is out.

Two weeks ago ice took the power out for more than two days. A few days later, the power was out again for the better part of the day when a car hit a pole. This week the power was out, yet again, for two days thanks to extremely high winds. While being without power that many days certainly has its inconveniences, we did learn a few things. 

1. Camping equipment is for more than camping. 
2. The dishwasher makes an excellent drying rack for hand washed dishes. 
3. Who ever invented head lamps is a genius. 
4. An ample supply of firewood, flashlights, and batteries is a household requirement. 
5. Putting the kids to bed with the sun is kind of nice. 
6. A good book is almost as distracting to me as the computer. 
7. Our kids have fantastic imaginations. 
8. Fasting electric is good for the mind, not to mention the electric bill. 
9. Hot showers are one of the most under rated pleasures on earth. 
10. Sometimes what you miss surprises you. One of the things I missed the most was my garbage disposal. 

Though we have learned some lessons, I hope that we don't have to put them into practice again anytime soon! 


  1. Those are all things that I learned (or have had to learn) hanging out on our property in the no-electric cabin. I find it takes me about day to get used to it. Wise thoughts! Those are really things that everyone should have in their house.

  2. Excellent list. We have a big battery operated light, but those headlamps would have been great.
    We were lucky - we only lost power for 24 hours. However, without power we also have no water because of the electric pump from the well. The kids did enjoy using flashlights to make shadows on the wall. But the next day the kids and I spent the afternoon at the library. With working bathrooms.

  3. Great list! I am sorry to hear your electric was off for that long though, I hope the weather was not too cold while it was off.

  4. Our family made the same discoveries last weekend with power out for two evenings in a row (including Valentines nite). Very refreshing. Coleman is for more than just camping. =P

  5. Being without power does have its advantages. We haven't been without it in a long time, but it is fun after the initial shock and discomfort.