Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trying to out smart me again....

I'm feeling the pressure to get things wrapped up for Christmas. That combined with a virtually empty refrigerator and cupboards pushed me to do something I normally would not consider - an all day shopping spree - with four kids. 

Yes, I normally take the kids with me to get groceries. Then we are talking about half the day and two, maybe three stores. Yesterday we left at 10 and did not return until after 5, making a quick stop at the library, hitting seven different stores, stopping only for lunch with Tim. It was craziness I tell you! 

In the midst of all this Vivian (2) devised another way to try and out smart  her momma. Vivian loves to push the cart. She thinks she should be able to push the cart solo. I don't mind letting her help, but c'mon she is two. She can't see to drive the cart, even if she could actually handle the thing.  It is a pretty regular battle, especially in stores that have the smaller carts like CVS or the Dollar Tree. 

Yesterday in the Dollar Tree, she was insisting on pushing the cart. I told her she could, but then I went to the front of the cart to help steer it. Oh the drama! You'd think I'd taken her favorite toy away. She finally settled down, and decided if she couldn't push the cart herself she wanted nothing to do with it. 

She was content to walk beside the cart, and after awhile she started playing a game. She was pretending to be the momma. The kids play house a lot and take turns being the parents, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. But then she turns to me, grabbing the cart,  with mischief in her eyes, and says, "You Vivian. Me mommy. Me push the cart."


  1. You are one brave woman!

  2. Oh that's cute! We just got back from the Dollar Tree. Gotta love their educational stuff.

  3. Tom used to do the same thing when he was Vivies age. For a short time there, Kroger had minature carts that looked exactly like the big carts. I mean, down to every last detail, 'cept minisized. The only time that Tom actually got one (there were only 2) he actually shook all over he was so excited. Then he peed his pants. I'm not kiddin.
    People kept stealing those carts. They WERE cute. People suck.

  4. Mandy,
    There is a fine line between brave and stupid!

    I dont' get in there as often as I should. The kids love to do there Christmas shopping there.

    Foodland in Milton still has those. Yes, they are cute, but Viv never fails to hit me in the ankles half a dozen times. :)

  5. Um yes... the above comment was not Kellen, but me after Kellen had signed on.

  6. I think Audrey and Vivian are emailing each other on how to drive their Mothers crazy.They do alot of things alike.My old friend use to say "when they are bad when they are little,they'll be good when they are big".Sounds like an excuse for bad behavior.Aunt Sis

  7. wow, you're a brave woman. I decided last night that it would be easier to stop at WM after church rather than make a trip with all four boys today. Unfortunately, I forgot to factor in Matthew's bedtime and wound up with a 3yo and his very first throw himself on the ground tantrum. not. fun.

  8. oh yeah..
    Matthew likes to push the cart, aka buggy, too.

  9. It's hard when they start outsmarting you! Happens with me too much!

  10. You are way braver than me. I have two and I can barely handle them both with a very short trip to the store. My two year old is eager to scream at the top of his lungs if he is slightly offended by my impinging on his freedom. Heaven forbid I do my job!

    In fact, here is a horrible admission... one time in the grocery store I let him gnaw on an unwashed cucumber from the produce section just to get out of there alive. File that one under reckless moms in moments of desperation! (It did work, but now he'll probably have some kind of mutated health disorder from the wax and chemicals.)