Monday, October 13, 2008

Same Battle, Different Child

On this journey called parenting, one of the things that has amazed me the most is how different every child is.  The fact that two children coming from the same gene pool, raised by the same parents can act and react so differently boggles the mind. 

Our four are no exception. They all have very unique personalities and traits. It is good. It keeps things very interesting around here. 

Though they are all individuals, there also are a few common traits that can be seen in them. Out of the four, the two that are most alike are Nolan and Vivian. The both are independent and strong willed. They both know how to lay on the charm. It is dangerous, I tell you. Adding to it, they both are very active. It is exhausting, I tell you. 

Long time readers have read many a story about the adventures of Nolan. In the last year or so, he really has mellowed out. Not that his personality has changed, he is till plenty ornery, but he seems to have learned to respect the boundaries a little better. Just in time for his little sister to come behind him and push me to my limits again. 

Oh she is sweet, and she is cute, and she knows exactly how to use it. She is full of personality. She loves to run the show. She is not afraid to tell anyone what she wants or thinks. One of her latest insistence's is that she wear her pink cowboy boots everywhere we go. 

These boots were in a bag of items given to us by a neighbor. They are cute, but don't exactly match everything. Viv doesn't care. She wants to where them everywhere. I had to draw the line when she wanted to wear them with turquoise shorts. 

Oh, and do those boots get attention! Vivian basks in it. If we are out somewhere, and someone notices the boots (as if you could miss them) she smiles sweetly, makes sure they have a good view of her boots, and says, "My pink cow boots." She is a charmer! 

Last night the above picture is what I found in my bedroom. How could you be angry with that face? Well I was, for a moment anyhow, until I thought, "What a great picture for the blog."

It isn't just boots, or getting into things she knows she shouldn't. She is pretty insistent on having everything her way all the time. She does not take no for an answer, and will dig in her heels at every turn. 

So, here we go again. I'm gearing up for the battle, reviewing what I wrote a year and a half ago, Dealing with a Strong Willed Child,  when it was Nolan I was battling, and praying that what worked with Nolan works with Vivian too. After all, they are a lot alike, but also very unique. 


  1. Oh the wonders of parenting. Iknow what you mean by different. I like at it as my coat of many colors.

  2. I'm sure you already know about this book, but just in case, "Raising Your Spirited Child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka has been incredibly helpful for us.

    I don't fight clothing battles at all (so many other things to fight about), except to make sure they're wearing some. With DeBoy that's a bit of a battle itself. But as long as the Queen gets her own clothes on and off and everything is covered that is supposed to be, I have no interest in whether or not it matches. If she gets out in her snow boots in summer and gets too hot, she knows for next time. If she ever spied pink cowboy boots I would have to buy them even if I had to hock my engagement ring to do it or I would have no peace and she would remind me of it the rest of my life.

    As to Vivian, that face while she's covered with cold cream is absolutely gorgeous and blogging about it would be the first thing I thought of too!

  3. Oh and just think the best is yet to come...the teenage years!! Gram

  4. LOL! Vivian looks like my three year old daughter. She is always into something - last week it was cream all over her hair and room!

    Sometimes when she is tired or sick she can get real trifling - gets into three naughty things all in a row, faster than I can stop her. She's very cute(you know how sweet little girls are at that age) at the same time, so it's hard to be annoyed.

  5. I think Avery is going to be my strong willed one! BTW...Indy gave Elise a pair of boots just like that. They don't fit yet...would you like us to pass them on to Viv? LOL. Jude went through cowboy boot phase (not pink) - he would wear them with sweat pants and shorts!

  6. Cute boots! Yes, I just have two kids, but they are SO different in many ways. As you say, it makes for an interesting life. Whoever said parenting was an easy job? I certainly learn something every day :-)