Friday, May 02, 2008

The Best Days of the Year

Yesterday a new calf was born, a girl. I didn't get any pictures yet, but she is a cute thing! She had a little trouble getting started on the teat, and momma cow and baby weren't letting Papaw help much. Baby just couldn't seem to find it. Papaw bottled fed her about two quarts, and then she perked back up and thought Papaw was the best thing ever. She let him help her, and she was able to get on and nurse. This morning it looks like she is doing it on her own.

May is such a busy month. It is full of birthdays and end of the school year activities. This year Martha is coming to visit, and we all couldn't be more excited! Before any of that actually happens though, there are my favorite days of the year coming up. The days I get to get away; ALONE!

I love my kids, and I love staying home with them, but sometimes moms just need a break. We need a little time to ourselves, time to spend with other adults, time when there is not someone constantly demanding your attention and time to relax. Every year that time has come for me the first weekend of May.

The first weekend of May is the women's retreat for Market Street Fellowship, the church we attended before moving here. It is held in a beautiful lodge in central Ohio. Many of my closest friends from Akron are there, along with new faces too. It is a relaxed time with a lot of sharing, fellowship, and fun. Exactly what I need to recharge the mommy batteries.

The drive is long, but even that is enjoyable. This year a friend from here will be joining me, and I am sure we will chat the drive away. Well we leave in about two hours. Guess I better get packing!


  1. wish i could've been there too! hope you had lots of fun. hopefully i'll have had a baby.

  2. the previous comment was from kellie if you didn't know:)

  3. Getting away is very important. My wife slept over at a friends last night and that was the first time she has been away from KIA for an evening or even longer than 12 hours for that matter. I'll be curious to see if she feels refreshed.

  4. Kellie,
    Wish you were there too. Missed you! Hope you are cuddling that new little guy now! :)

    hope she is feeling refreshed too. Even cuties like KIA can wear a mommy out! :)

  5. That sounds fun. I'll be having my first ever outing without kids weekend after next. Scott is NOT looking forward to bedtimes.