Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it that no matter how late my kids stay up, they always get up at the crack of dawn


The day that we have somewhere to be and need to leave early?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Four Children, Two Goats and a Minivan

How naive was I to think that moving to the woods to raise a few animals and vegetables would be a calm, quiet, and peaceful life? It seems to be anything but. It is filled with busyness leaving hardly any time to just be. It is a different sort of hectic from life in the city, but hectic it is none the less.

Last weekend we made a trip to the town we grew up in to celebrate Tim's and his brother's birthday. Here are some pictures.

Then we made a quick trip to Aunt Hazel's and Terry's to pick up the new tool they purchased for the property. I think Terry was tired of dragging deer up the hollows.

We got home Sunday just in time to feed the animals. That is when we noticed that one goat was missing. Desert was in the far corner of the pasture with her new kid, another boy. We've moved them in the shed, and there they will stay for awhile. Donkeys or not I'm not taking any chances.

So what does all this have to do with the title of this post? Well, seems nothing goes simply by the book here. By Monday morning Desert still had not passed all the afterbirth. Awhile on the internet showed she need medicine only the vet could get. Awhile on the phone to find there are no vets close that see goats. A little longer on the phone to find we would have to bring the goat to the vet, or pay a huge amount to have a vet come here, because the vet who sees goats does not know us. (Note to those thinking of getting animals: establish a relationship with a vet before you need their help.) An hour later we are headed down the road in our old minivan; two goats in the back and four children in the front.

Parked in the Wayne Wal-Mart shopping plaza, where the vet is located, the vet and his assistants examine the goat, in the back of my minivan with my four children peering over the back seat watching the show. A little cleaning, two shots, fifteen minutes and seventy-five dollars later we are back on the road. Mama and baby seemed to be doing fine, and she seems to be passing the stuff that needs to go.

So calm, peaceful, quiet? Um. . . not in these woods, but I'd never trade this hectic country life for our former city life. It may not be exactly as I envisioned, but it is good.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Tim!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday! Go and wish him a happy birthday!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Martha's Got a Blog!

I love telling you about new blogs, but especially when they are from someone in the family! Martha started a blog, Spellbinding the World One Day at a Time. Go check it out!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What is Worse?

The toddler pooping in her pants?

Or the toddler pooping on the sidewalk?

Oh the stories I have to tell when these kids start dating!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Easing Into Bedtime

When the days start getting longer bedtime can be quite the battle around here. After spending the entire day with the kids, come about 8:00, I am done. I just want some peace and quiet. Tim and I want some time alone. The kids, on the other hand, see it is still daylight and have no desire to go to bed. See the battle?

The solution? Ease into bedtime. It is one that we have used before, and somehow lost the routine along the way. We are picking it up again. We start the routine about 8:00. Everyone gets ready for bed. It is usually about 8:30 till everyone is done, and then they go to bed, but not to sleep. They go to bed for some quiet time. Mostly they lay in bed and read. Those who need the sleep the most (read Nolan) often fall asleep during this time. Then at 9:00 it is dark. We go in, tuck them in and turn off the lights.

It works like a charm. I think that half hour of quiet time helps them to wind down after a busy day of work and play. I know it helps me! Then they are ready to go to sleep by bedtime.

Works for Me Wednesday

Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Much to Say!

It has been quite the week. Much more busy than I like, but sometimes it just falls that way. There has been a lot going on. Where do I start?

The best news is that Martha is planning a visit! She and a friend are coming in May. I am so excited, and a bit anxious. I really don't have words for it. It is a happy thing though! She has expressed that she feels the same way.

Kellen, the kid who hates art, had a drawing selected for a student art show at the Highlands Museum in Ashland. The picture was made during a workshop we did there. The theme was "When I Grow Up." He wrote a bit about what he wants to be; a chemical engineer was the profession stated at the time, and drew a picture of himself with a college diploma. We won't be able to attend the opening ceremony, but the show runs from April 19- May 10. When we do go I will get a picture to post here.

And we now have guard animals. We have two donkeys, and a friend may be buying a llama to keep here too. Think that will keep the dogs away? Really, you should have only one donkey with the herd. That way they become part of the herd and protect it. (For more on using donkeys as guard animals: Protecting Livestock with Guard Donkeys) With two they go off with each other and do their own thing. These are doing that somewhat, and we are being pretty cautious with the goats and sheep still.

We do plan to separate the donkeys and put one up with the cows, but we have a pretty aggressive horse up there that needs to go first. The donkeys are young, about ten months. Sophie shows no mercy.

They are a little skittish yet, but the jenny will let me pet her fairly readily. The jack is a bit more shy. I am hoping to be able to work with them enough to be able to lead, and maybe to let the kids ride.

We haven't named them yet. We are waiting for Miles and Ashley to help decide. The names put out so far:

Mario and Peach
Luigi and Daisy
Link and Zelda

Do you see a pattern here?

Luke and Leia was also suggested.

When I suggested just Jack and Jenny, Kellen, with a sheepish grins suggested, "Jack-you-know-what, and Jenny-you know-what, JA for short." Always pushing the limits that kid is. That suggested was vetoed.

Any opinions or ideas?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Saturday, April 05, 2008

More Loss

We lost three goats yesterday; Twist and the twins. They were run down by three stray dogs. This makes me change by thoughts about Patty's death. We need to reevaluate some things. Those dogs will be shot. We are thinking of getting a donkey. Any other ideas?